Interview – Sabaton (English)

Guests: Hannes & Chris
Interviewer: Sam

Sam: Hey guys let’s start!How are you at first?

Hannes: Yeah absolutely. We’ve been enjoying the first week of The Great Tour.

Sam: And how was the tour start, are you still fit?

Hannes:Yeah you just saw me. Smoothie (lachen)

Sam: Yeah youmust be fit. (lachen)

Chris:I was sick a few days ago, it’s still a little bit yeah. But it feels way better.

Sam: Flu or what was it?

Chris: No, mentally. But it’s fine. I got fever and shit and it got really bad but now it feels better.

Hannes: It’s like a symbiosis on tour. It’s like one guy gets sick. Everybody will get it. Because you live so tight together on a tour bus.But other than that, we have it great, I mean we premiered the tour in Helsinki right before Christmas. And now we got to start it up properly and we’ve done a few shows now. There are always some premiere nerves because it’s the biggest production we’ve ever done. It’s never been this many people in the crew. But I think we’re having a great time.

Sam: How many people are in the crew?

Hannes: 130. In total.

Sam: And in the tourbus?

Chris: In the tour bus are only 16 in one. But we have seven tour buses. Seven Tour buses and seven trucks with stuff on stage.

Sam: Wow that’s amazing, I didn’t know that. I thought it’s just one tour bus with stuff in it and that’s it.

Chris: I thought it from beginning and then they start showing pictures and now we have seven tour buses. Say what?? Okay..! (lachen)

Sam: And I know you’ve been in Berlin before. How does the audience differ from other?

Chris: It’s the metal country.

Hannes: Hell yeah.

Chris:Germany is the best!

Sam: So for you it’s something special to play in Germany?

Hannes:Yeah definitely.

Chris: Absolutely. And I think heavy metal in Germany goes hand in hand in general. I think if there’s one country where fans keep loyal to the band it’s definitely Germany.And playing in Berlin tonight is definitelygonna be a special show.

Sam: That’s cool to hear!

Chris: Like all my favourite bands are from Germany except for Iron Maiden.

Sam: What are you favourite bands from Germany?

Chris:Blind Guardian. By far Blind Guardian and then we have Helloween, we have Gamma Ray, Accept.So many Bands! Grave Digger..

Sam: Scorpions.

Hannes: Oh yeah! (laughing)

Chris: I mean so many bands, Avantasia..

Hannes: You know what I mean it’s a breeding ground for them for good heavy metal for sure. You could clearly tell that it rubbed off in Sabatons musicAnd we got to play with Scorpions a bunch of times and supporting them which was a surreal experience.

Sam: Wow I can imagine. I mean scorpions, that’s such a big name.

Hannes: Yeah for a good reason. Great band. Still today.

Sam: You bring the history closer to the audience with your music and especially through Youtube. You could say your Youtube history lesson is better than the history class at school. So what were your thoughts when you first published the video?

Chris: Yeah I mean we didn’t expect it to be this big and it’s been a long dream of Joakim and Pär that they wanted to do this but the means weren’t there. I mean today, it’s so much easier to put it up, you have all this social media stuff to put it out there. We had the series before the Great War and so they talked to each other like we should do this with older songs. And they were like Yeah. So they talked it through and then everybody else got involved and then we put one episode out and were like ok see what happens. It became a fan favourite and it’s good for us aswell, because the older songs on the albums that we didn’t play on, we get to learn aswell. It’s like‘Ah ok it’s about that and that’ ,so it’s quite interesting.

Sam: And it’s important to inform!

Chris: Yeah absolutely!

Hannes: And I think it’s a new thing because I guess some people they just wanna drink beer and listen to the music, which is you can do of course and not necessarily you don’t have to dig into.This is pretty heavy stuff sometimes. I mean just look at the cover of the new album, it’s quite a strong image and I think it portrays very well. But if you’re like ‘Oh I heard a song called Seven PillarsOf Wisdom I wondered what’s involved in the video in the desert or what’, if you want to dig deeper into it, the history channel will welcome you with open arms which I find super cool.

Sam: Yes,it really is! I mean when I listen to your songs. I like to hear the lyrics to know what you sing about. And I think the history channel is a good point next to your music. It’s a good combination.

Sam: World war I is the topic of Seven Pillars OfWisdom and it’s also part of the new album which I totally forgot cause of the new music video.

Hannes: But the video came a lot later so maybe that’s what got you confused. Its Lawrence of Arabia so we spent the week in Tunisia filming that.

Sam: Just a week?

Hannes: That’s enough in the desert.

Chris: Sleeping in a tent with scorpions an spiders.

Hannes: Not the band.

Chris: What?

Hannes: Not the band.

Chris: The band?

Hannes: Scorpions.

Chris: Oh yeah (laughing) gotcha! No real scorpions.

Hannes: But which was a super cool experience we’ve got. We flew to Tunis and then we set an event for 10 hours. We filmed from very early morning like 5 o clock in the morning until 9 because then it gets too warm so all the cameras and everything overheat. You can’t really film during daytime and then we filmed at night again.I think if you want the real stuff from the video you have to be there.

Sam: I was really impressed cause it’s a real desert! It must be so hot and hard to perform there.

Chris: Yeah you can see it on my face that it was. (lacht)

Hannes: Taking scandinavians10 seconds in that sun and you’re completely sunburned.

Chris: Its horrible and then you have sunscreen on and then the sandstorms comes and there’s so much sand in your eyes and ears and nose

Hannes: Yeah it’s a hostile place.

Sam: But it was totally worth it!

Hannes: Absolutely!

Sam: It’s a brilliant video!

Chris: Thank you!

Sam: How hot was it?

Hannes: It wasn’t that hot actually but on daytime ..37, 40° maybe.

Chris: 38-40 something. Which is hot but dry hot.

Hannes: But still for the desert it’s not that hot. I mean we can get 60 degrees.

Chris:To wear all those clothes and boots and everything wasn’t as fun as you think.

Sam: So, one last question. What’s the most interesting part of being on tour for you?

Hannes: Drinking smoothies.(lacht)

Chris: Showers.(lacht)

Hannes/Chris: The show of course. It’s the show.

Hannes: I mean the show is the only reason why, I speak for myself, why we tour at all. Because that’s what we do. When you see people’s faces. It’s a mutual thing. It’s not the band and the crowd. It’s one thing. That makes a good show. I mean we love to play, that’s why we still soundcheck everday because we love it. We have such a great time. And then all the stuff in between. It’s a necessary evil to do the show.

Sam: I’ve seen the Youtube video. Your Vlog.

Hannes: Yeah we do a lot of stupid stuff.

Chris: Keeps us busy to do something to make time fly.

Hannes: Goofing around, working out, drinking. But that’s the truth. You can’t be drinking and being hungover everyday. People are gonna buy a ticket to go see your show and if I went and bought a ticket and saw some hangover band, I would get pissed off and its not fair.

Chris: Saving up money and then it’s like ‘Oh I’ve been waiting for this for eight months and then the band comes out and then they’re shit’.

Hannes: I mean that’s bullshit. So that’s why you have to deliver 110 percent every night.

Sam: And we can all see it. I loved all your shows so please continue!

Hannes/Chris: Thank you. We will.

Sam: Thanks for your time.

Hannes: Thank you!

Sam: I can’t wait to see the show tonight.

Chris: It’s gonna be fun.

Hannes: We hope you like it.

Sam: Of course I will!!

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