Interview – ÆDelric

Guest: Alexander „Der Kaiser“, Vasil „Nellarys“
Interviewer: Kalle

Kalle: Hi Alexander, it’s exciting to hear from a band which is based in Sofia. We don’t get to hear metal music from Bulgaria on a daily basis. Do you have a big metal-scene in your country?

Alexander: Hello, thank you for having us. Actually the local scene is quite big nowadays as we are already taking part in Wacken Metal Battles for the past few years. First band to introduce our scene there, were one of our best friends from Dash the Effort back in 2015. I might say that we are one of the few that are in a darker scene, than others are lately. Our new bands are mostly concentrated at Core, Trash, Death, Black or even Punk only few are experimenting with darker and symphonic genres.

Kalle: Before we are talking about your music – please tell me how you started out with music in general. What was your first experience with rock and metal?

Alexander: For me everything started when I was 5 years old and my father introduced me to an old video record of Led Zeppelin peformance at Madison Square Garden, followed couple of days later from a random scrolling over the TV seeing Rammstein video of „Seemann“. After already falling in love with the guitar, at that time hearing this massive wall of sound from the legendary six germans I knew that I must have the same or close enough sound for myself. I owe a big part of my music and cultural knoweldge to my late grandmother in the classics, thus I started learning guitar aside from school. Later in my school and teenage years I was always in or out of certain bands as guest performer or trying to be a guitarist somewhere until I find my taste. In the past 9 years my passion for Classic Industrial, Neue Deutsche Härte, Gothic and even movie scores from different artists managed to throw my interest into the depths of the magical world of music.

At that time I was already in my second own band, which was a tribute of Rammstein called „RamFeuer“ which was active from 2011 until mid 2014 when we decided that we finally have a decent core of 3 serious wanna be musicians, who want to find themselves and started our new journey for our very own first album, that project was alive only between us and under the name of „Renomane“. Unfortunately the circumstances and the huge leadership from two very dark young artists was impossible to control in one room, so we decided to take our own ways apart. This led me to give more light to the already existing at the time solo project ÆDelric which was more or less a place to express my own thoughts and experiment as a newbie sound engineer and wannabe composer. Later on when we split apart with Renomane I have invited my long time friend and colleague, Vasil in the project.

Vasil: My backstory is more into the symphonic metal genre. When I was a kid I used to like soundtracks from movies and video games. About the metal part, I discovered it about 10 years later, in my early teen age. One more year later I found Nightwish, whose music happens to combine the beauty of the symphonic movie scores with metal’s aggressive energy. That was the turning point, that made me what I am today, musicwise. My colleage Alex found me, after I started playing some metal with a lot of keyboards in it and invited me to his Rammstein tribute band.

Kalle: What was the name of your first band and what kind of music did you play?

Alexander: The first band which I was a guest in, was called Serpentine later few of the very first members formed the well known in our local scenes bands, Khanъ and Yuvigi. But if we talk about my first own band ever it was called X-Raycore, a strange name for a high school band combining black metal with elements of death and nu metal. We were aiming to take part in the local competition called „Big Break“ a music competition for the best school rock band. Unfortunately our drummer was on a snowboard competition and broke few ribs so we had to cancel that performance and that is where I found the future second guitarist, later singer and sound engineer of both RamFeuer and Renomane.

Vasil: When I was 16 years old, I was invited to play with a band from school, named Fraxis. That band used to play some strange alternative metal, but I was only there for the songs with keyboard parts – Moondance by Nightwish, High Hopes and Another Brick in the Wall by Pinkfloyd. One of the most stressful days of my life, but it was worth it. It made my self-esteem high enough to start playing with many other bands.

Kalle: You’re a multi instrumentalist, so how many instruments can you play? How many of them are featured on the new album?

Alexander: Guitar is the main weapon of art, Bass and drums are only the basics as we are still learning with Vasil, of course this is the moment where I should mention, that as a new band and thanks to the amazing and advanced compture softwares this days, we wanted to combine as much as possible both the old school and the so called „in the box“ music production, we experimented a lot with many and different effects. The hardest was to find a decent sounding native bulgarian instruments typical for our folklore, as we don’t want to be another folk metal band, but combine the heart of our music with the hard riffs of Neue Deutsche Härte. Something as it looks like so far since our debut album was released on 31.Jan.2019 we managed to bring with our experimental song called „Deka Si“ („Дека Си“ or in english „Where are you“). The other half of the band’s soul is actually all thanks to Vasil’s professional skills on the keyboards and piano.

Vasil: I can play piano and keyboards, also irish whistle. For the band I’m playing keyboards, responsible for most of the orchestral elements in the album and sometimes covering on the bass guitar if needed.

Kalle: In your name the first three letters are capitalized … why?

Alexander: We want it to stand out from the rest, not everyone is ÆDelric. At first the name was a the grapheme „ash“, however later on while recording our debut album we found out that in old cyrillic as „small yus“ or also known as „small nasal vowel“ which resembles the letter „A“ with almost like an „E“ facing down from „A“ It is just a madeup word I came up with as I am really bad with names, at one moment I was the „bad godfather“ of our song working titles. In the end the name itself is open for interpretations to our audience and everyone can think of something that can relate their emotions to our music. Mostly the name is a symbol unity and family before everything else.

Kalle: It is an instrumental album and the name is „Liquidmorphium“. Can you tell us something about the connection between the name and your music?

Alexander: After the brief explenation of our band name, I must admit the name of our album and first song from the track list, Liquidmorphium was also a made up word from few other words, one was coming from a game and one is from another latin word, for us Liquidmorphium is more or less our own blood in one way or another it is again open for interpretations from people, but mostly it aims to combine the idea to unite people when everyone of us is in the gray loop cycle of lif, you know, a family, kids, school, work, friends, relationships – at the end we are all together naked and we as artists are responsible to take those people out of the regular world and into the world of endless possibilities, even for couple of minutes or few hours. The song itself is a dark combination of hard riffs and gothic, symphonic orchestral elements that give you a lot to think about.

Kalle: Your sound is influenced by various genres: gothic rock / metal, industrial, symphonic, Bulgarian folk, orchestra to name a few. How come that you’re combining so many different genres?

Alexander: As a first album for us in this instrumental duo band, we are still under the influence of our main favorite artists, Rammstein and Nightwish no matter how much we are aiming to take our own course. Perhaps in the future around a third or fourth album we might be able to determine our genre. I don’t want to jump into the big word of looking for a new type of genre but I would say we really love the concept of combining the traditional industrial and neue deutsche haerte with our native bulgarian folkore, it is something, that no one else did before as far as I am aware of. Our third single of the album which I mentioned earlier „Deka Si“ is an experimental song, which provides this and was a lot of fun to record. I knew what I wanted the song to be like from the beginning, however both I and Vasil had no idea of the basic rules of our native folklore and at the end I must say it really turned out great for both of us and already is a favorite track amongst other people around the world.

Vasil: I can say, that for me personally combining elements from different genres happens naturally. I’m never satisfied with simple and pure sounds, because I always feel completeness in the beautiful ways of combining different kinds of beauty. I’m pretty sure many songwriters feel the same way.

Kalle: What was the inspiration for you to do an instrumental album without a lot of vocals? There are some little singing parts, but they are very limited.

Alexander: That is a hard one to be honest. For the past couple of years, as we were working together in Renomane and RamFeuer, there were a lot of people involved in one way or another. The basic concept was to start with the tribute so we can find the right members, who are well organized and disciplined to play this kind of music and later transition it to our own. I don’t want to speak in details, but for the moment it is extremely hard to find similar bandmates at in our country, at least before we released the album since than we haven’t tried again as we are tired of searching and being patient. That is why we ended up the project as instrumental duo and keep only one song with vocals, that was the one where we tried our best so far choice of collaboration with our good friend Martin Lutzkanov, former singer for Khanъ and currently working with JFT. He is the closest type of voice we could get for the album, I could only wish we could finish the rest songs with him or at least with someone as close to his voice, we really need a decent bass, bass-baritone singer.

Kalle: Was it your intention to let the the listener read the name of the song, let them listen to the music and give them some room to think about their own individual lyrics?

Alexander: Yes and no. In one way everything is open up for interpretations, but you can still get the main idea behind every song and no, because there are a lot of lyrics that were in the production I am the worst type of lyricist you may find, but they didn’t made it to the final cut.

Vasil: For me this wasn’t the idea at first, but some mistery is a good thing, especially for dark music with gothic mood.

Kalle: How can we imagine your creative writing process? Are you all jamming together in the rehearsal room and you just hit the record button?

Alexander: Most of the times yes, the creative process was based on former life experinces that both of us had to deal with in personal and not that personal aspect. Every song have it’s own story and energy unique for its own, but still not that different from the entire album concept. Some of the songs are related to our ups and downs in life, relationships, work, while others are related to certain events, people we lost or are no longer among us. It is the album which provides balance and aggressive moments in life, but still a promising future in the end as every next one should be our own growth as musicians and artists.

Kalle: How are you imagining your live show? Would you like to work with a lot of visuals like lights, laser and video projections? Do you prefer seated or standing audiences?

Alexander: Extreme. I would love to devote another billion of emotions and ideas into such experience. A lot of lights and pyrotechincs for sure, maybe something which can hint for our local culture, that is something we have yet to discuss. One thing is for sure – no matter what we end up with for live shows and touring, it will be something to remember, I really hope. Of course we cannot start with everything at once, but in time we might be able to do it.

Vasil: I would do my best visually, not just instrumentally. Wear the best makeup and I can do some decoration around my keyboards. I’ll let Alex and our extraordinary live show assistant, who was responsible for couple of our pyroshows back in the days with RamFeuer to decide what the rest should look like.

Kalle: Have you ever thought about submitting your music to a film score or a game sound track?

Alexander: Yes. A lot of our songs can be used for film scores or game sound tracks, in fact at this very moment, one of our album songs „Echoes of the Force“ will be official sound track for „Tale of the Waterfall“ this is currently a mod, perhaps at the near future also a separate video game. I would like to see „Deka Si“, „Ballad of the Death“, „Liquidmorphium“ or „Sanity“ as sound tracks for a video game or a movie. Who knows, we will have to see about that.

Vasil: Since movie scores have always been my passion, I’m thinking about it all the time. I would certanly love to see „Liquidmorphium“, „Deka Si“ and „Echoes of the Force“ in a future score.

Kalle: Let’s take a look into the future. What’s coming up next for this project and your music?

Alexander: A video clip for „Deka Si“ is currently in the very early drafts, we hope to be able to start filming it around late spring or early summer time of 2019 and to describe a love song while showing the real beauty of our country, something may of us forget about this days. Followed by at least two singles to be released. Hopefully we can find good band members or move the entire band, maybe in Germany and see how it goes that is something we are still talking about a lot the last year and a half. ÆDelric is open for collaborations with other musicians and artists, but for now I cannot reveal details on this.

Vasil: Doing the „Deka si“ video at first followed by few singles. Then, maybe, finding a good vocalist and few other members so we can bring this concept live. We are surely thinkg about this at the moment, but it needs it’s own time to consider as it’s not an easy job to do.

Kalle: Thank you very much for giving us this little insight in your project. Great music and good work.

Alexander: Thank you for the awesome time and having us. We are looking forward already for another one and hopefully see you on a live performance sooner or later. Why not even in Berlin?

Vasil: Thank you very much!

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